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Via Stezzano, 24050 Zanica, Bergamo, Italy


interior design


Street Food

Cabinets and showcases for customized ice cream, a synthesis of the perfect mix of experience, technology and manual care

Since 1971 a brand, a guarantee all over the world.
In other words, the most prestigious and reliable `HIGH TECH` refrigerated display cabinets on the market for storing and displaying ice cream.

Thanks to an innovative design and customized solutions for the customer.
Technologically advanced, they respect the environment and guarantee assistance anytime, anywhere. Our showcases are linear and classic in the wake of innovation and the transformist vocation.

Superior Quality
Attention to detail above all standards

We are serious connoisseurs of the daily needs of ice cream and pastry and counter catering activities, even on the move, and we translate our experience into defining and paying attention to every single detail to make work more efficient.

Tailor made
We do not use standard products that may limit your needs

We build the shop window, the furniture and the street food work area from scratch, choosing the most suitable materials with you and designing the layout you prefer together with virtually  no choice limits, our designers will be able to guide you on the definition of the perfect product for you.

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